A runty orc trying to find his way in the world.


Snots offered his services as a guide of the Ork Underground to the runners. They took him up on his offer, although finding out later he was simply running a mapsoft on his comm-link to find his way through the tunnels. The runners convinced him to purchase Shade from The Crimson Crush drug den. Two of the runners shadowed him to the location of the den, avoiding detection by Trogg and Crimson Crush guards. Snots, when questioned by the Crimson Crush guards, urinated his pants.

After purchasing Shade for the runners, Snots went back to the Goblin Bazaar to find it destroyed by gang warfare. He could not find a trace of the runners so he went home to change his pants.


Although no ones asking, Snots has had a miserable past involving homelessness, dead parents and distinct lack of friends.


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