Underground Action

How did you end up here Mack?

The runners made their way through the tunnels that ran from Castle Rock to underneath Portland. The tunnels ended with an abandoned underground structure. The runners were aghast to find the area filled with corpses and skeletons. The runners moved forward and were attacked by Harvesters (Undead elves). Armed with motorbike battery powered torches the runners killed the harvesters and made their way up to some disused underground train lines. The were beset upon by more harvesters which were made short work of. The runners then stumbled into a tunnel that featured a concrete bunker like wall the tip of a machine gun sticking out of it. The runners were hailed by some one behind the wall who told them he was guarding this choke point against the undead for his squatter settlement on some higher up abandoned tracks. The machine gun wielder let the runners know that the tunnels behind them were haunted by a Nosferatu and there was no way he was opening the door until he had proof the Nosferatu was dead. The runners went back through the tunnels and found the Charismatic Mack chained to a blood drench altar. What followed was a number of rather bloody melees between the runners and various undead until the manage to kill the Nosferatu.

Going back to the choke point the runners showed the decapitated Nosferatu head to the guard who praised them as heros and let them in. The runners were ushered up some newer tunnels and lead into an underground squatter settlement inhabited by metahumans trying to leave the facist rule of Tir Taingire.



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