To Ship a Naga

Slabbed and Frozen

With a warehouse of magical weed burning behind them, the runners discussed methods of transporting a 10 meter long snake as they drove home to get some rest. Luckily Trigg had a batch of Slab to keep Tetslo unconscious enough to not complicate the runners situation. What did complicate the situation was that Podrick didn’t want to see the runners till Thursday, which was a whole day away. It was decided that an Ice Truck and more Slab was needed.

Doing a data search through the Matrix and Trigg pulls up the address of “Salmon A’Plenty” fish traders in Tacoma (a subsidiary of Aztechnology). Cameras and ankles were blown out and the runners are now one Ice Truck richer. Keeping the Naga at a temperature close to freezing doubled the effectiveness of the 25 doses of slab the runners managed to pick up from the streets.

The runners called in to the One Leaf Clover Thursday morning and Podrick congratulated them on a job well done, providing them the agreed payment on Certified Credsticks. He let them know his friend “down south” was wanting to talk to them regarding the Crush’s “Secret Weapon”. A matrix meeting was setup with the runners speaking to Silver, an elf located in Tir Tairngire.

Silver wants the Naga delivered to him in Portland, Tir Tairngire, by two weeks time. He offered the runners a rate of 10,000 nuyen each on delivery of the Naga. He became visibly offended when the runners tried to connive a better deal out of him. He told them to contact Podrick when they make it to Portland and promptly logged off the meeting.

Podrick O’shea gave the runners a brief geography lesson, telling them to head south down Interstate 5 to get to Portland, Tir Tairngire. This will require the runners to also head through Salish Shidhe council lands. Podrick laughs and tells the runners they will be needing Visa’s for both countries, and is it so happens he has a contact who can get hold of such things. Podrick lets them know he has some work that needs doing and if done would be more than happy to hook the runners up with said contact.

Not knowing any one else who could get them fake Visa’s, the runners agreed to help Podrick out. A Chinese operated compound, market place come restaurant come bar come illegal gambling den has recently refused to stop paying protection money to Podrick. The runners were tasked with working out why this is, and amending the situation to Podrick’s favor.

The markets were a few blocks away from the One Leaf Clover. Upon entry to the market Stealve inexplicably grapplehooked onto the roof of the market’s storage building. The rest of the runners wandered the busy Chinese markets. They managed to notice a number of Triad member’s “guarding” certain points around the market. At the open air bar at the back of the market an astrally projecting Jean noticed some strange emotions emitting from an individual conversing angrily with two Triad members. When interviewed the individual told the runners he was one of the three owners of the compound, the other two deciding to opt for Triad protection against his will. He told the runner’s that the other two owners were in the gambling den below the gun/electronics shop in the marketplace.

At this point the runners decided the best course of action would be to split up, and stand over each one of the Triad guards and simultaneously blow their brains out. In full view of the public. Luckily Podrick had let them know that Knight Errant would not be patrolling the market’s block that evening. Again, inexplicably, Stealve had already killed one of the Triads without consulting the rest of the group. Before the runner’s unleashed hell and fury on the unsuspecting Triad’s, Stealve comm-linked that he was readying his Katana’s to jump off the 8 meter roof he was on to provide an aeriel strike.

With the guidance of the other runners Stealve was convinced this was not the best course of action and he would simply provide fire support from the roof. And then, all hell broke loose as the runners simultaneously unloaded their collective clips.

After slaughtering the relatively innocent Triad Sze Kau(Triad for street fodder) and decorating the market place with their insides the runners converged to the electronics/gun shops store room.Tim’s character, whose name currently eludes me had just executed yet another innocent triad Sze Kau, and found a rather suspicious set of stairs in said store room. Trigg noticing a commlink in the cold dead fingers of the triad Sze Kau behind the counter logs on to it. This leads to the discovery of a camera feed showing the downstairs room filled with four incredibly nervous looking chinese men sitting around a gambling table watched over by two incredible alert looking Sze Kau.

Stealve threw a flash pack down the stairs that led to the gambling room. Seemingly against all laws of physics the flash pack got caught in the stair-well rather than bouncing into the underground room. Not content with creating the worlds smallest stair filled disco, nor with consulting his team mates on the best course of action, Stealve switches on flash compensation, promptly activates a second flash pack in his hand and runs down the stairs.

Stealve managed to slice open one of the Triad Sze Kau’s throat and get a couple of shots off at the other one before being pumped full of a couple of rounds of lead himself. With the pain of bullets opening his flesh, reason returned to Stealve and he high-tailed it back up the stairs. The runners decided to wait until the flash-packs had run their course, then went downstairs and took care of the last Sze Kau as a team.

The runners then had a stern word with the owners of the market place and let them know they should probably start paying Podrick again to avoid further massacres. The owners took their advice on board and the runners drove back to The One Leaf Clover. Once there Podrick thanked them heartily and gave them the contact details of one Mr Gerbick.

Mr Gerbick told the runners to come see him at his address in the Barrens. The runners drove out there and found an abandoned apartment complex, mounds of trash piling up its walls. Some of the more perceptive runners noticed tell tale signs of live combat drones poking out of the thrash mounds. Inside the building the runners were set upon by two Barghests. Once the Barghests were disposed of the runners found a metallic sliding panel underneath a bathtub with a keypad next to it. Mr Gerbick sent through the codes for this keypad and the runners descended into his “bunker”.

Mr Gerbick turned out to be a reclusive and heavily cybered dwarf hacker. His bunker was filled with commlinks, drones and various other electronic devices all in varying states of repair. Letting the runners know he had the ability to create them all legitimate visa’s Mr Gerbick, unsurprisingly, needed a job done by the runners before he would do so. Some 30 canisters of stolen nanotechnology currently resided in a Triad warehouse and Mr Gerbick would like to make them his own. He warned the runners that they would undoubtedly be RFID tagged and bringing the canisters to him without erasing the tags before hand would have negative consequences.

Armed with the address of the Triad warehouse in downtown Seattle the runners set out to once again piss off the Triads. Arriving at the nondescript warehouse Trigg searched for hidden wireless nodes that might be controlling security. Wielding no results, Jean cracked open the maglocked door. Entering the office of the warehouse the runners quietly moved to open a second door, which is cracked by Jean. Trigg had cocked a hammer head arrow into his bow while sneaking into the front room and finding a surprised Sze Kau operating a comm-link he unleashed it. Time seemed to slow down as the heavy hitting arrow moved through space towards the Sze Kau’s chest. A slight intake of air could be heard as the Sze Kau become aware of his doom, his eyes crossed over his nose as he watched the arrow hurtle towards him. As the arrow hits the Sze Kau dropped his commlink, staggers, then quickly regains composure as he realised the arrow has done absolutely no damage. The runners didn’t give the Sze Kau a chance to celebrate before they put several silenced bullets into him.

The now deceased Sze Kau’s commlink had access to the camera feeds and records of what was housed in the warehouse. The runners also found out that the offices had wifi traffic inhibiting walls. Quietly taking out the remaining Sze Kau in the warehouse, the runners grabbed the canisters of nanotech and set a crate on fire before leaving.



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