Shades of Crimson

Gone in a puff

Contacted through mutual contacts, the runners were given a job by Podrick O’shea owner of the One Leaf Clover.

The runners infiltrated a Shade den operated by The Crimson Crush in the Ork Underground. They tracked the shipments of shade to a docking facility in Tacoma and proceeded to set it on fire. Teslo the Naga was stunned and restrained during the proceedings. He is thought to be the “secret weapon” that an associate of Podrick’s is interested in.

The runners caused something of a disturbance in the Goblin Bazaar section of the Ork Underground when Aumar Elishminster mind-controlled a member of The Troggs to attack a member of The Crimson Crush. This has lead to a number of open clashes between the two gangs, turning the Ork Underground into semi-warzone. The Crimson Crush seem to be losing as they are much less established in the area.

The runners currently have a van packed full of mystical red weed and 10 meters of giant magical snake. Along with a healthier bank balance after Podrick paid them for a job well done.



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