On the road again

It's got to be the wheelyshot!

The runner’s went to Wheels n’ Deals where they met the two Nitro’s. One is a dwarf who owns the chop shop, the other is a native american who works for him. The dwarf owner was in a hurry to leave, and left the runners with the other Nitro to work through the modifications on their Van’s.

The runners spent the night in the workshop of Wheels’n’Deals with Han and Nitro working on adding a biofiber smuggling compartment to their ice-truck and concealed weapon mount to Han’s van. At the stroke of midnight, before the modifications were completed, power to the entire block went out. Nitro let the runners know there was a back up generator out the back. Trigg creeped out the back door, camo suit on, and spotted three Triad Sze Kua’s. Comm-linking this information back to the team, they readied themselves for a skirmish.

Nitro had access to two Doberman drones with Vulcan cannons which were used to turn some of the Sze Kua’s into a red pulp. The other runner’s made short work of the lowly Sze Kua and and Trigg, after an initial electric shock, managed to fire up the back up generator.

The owner of Wheels n’ Deals seemed to be in a real hurry to leave after the runners got started on their mods. Logging on to his comm-link left behind in his rush reveals a message log between an unknown user detailing the runner’s arrival to the chop shop.

With the modifications complete the runners could not think of a better time to leave Seattle. Before leaving the runners offloaded their massive amount of Shade to a drug runner contact of Han’s for a dirt cheap price. Setting their fleet of landcrafts onto the I5 (2 Vans and 3 motorbikes), they made for the border of Salish Shide Council lands south of Seattle. The Triads were not happy to let the runners just leave Seattle scott-free and 8 Sze Kua on motorobikes pursued the runners on the highway. Stealve attempted the daring “Wheelyshot” move in which, after popping a wheely a grenade would be launched into the air from the concealed grenade launcher on his bike. Fate was not to smile on the Stealve that day as the advanced “wheelyshot” technique was outside of his ability and the attempted maneuver almost caused him to fall off his bike. Stealve vowed to continue training for this move, or alternatively turn his grenade launcher to face the opposite direction which would have pretty much the same effect.

With the “wheelyshot” foiled, Aumar Elshminster levitated the drivers of the pursuing bikes, causing the passenger and the bikes themselves to veer out of control off the road. The once were motorcyclists were flung into the air then came plummeting back into the pavement with a gristly thud. Finally the runners were free to attempt to cross the border.

The week of planning paid off for most of the runners, concealing their gear and having stories for why they were crossing the border in an ice truck of all things. The Naga missed being detected and the fake visa’s supplied by Mr. Gerbick worked a treat. Things were going smoothly until Stealve continue to pester one of the Salish Shide border agents after being repeatedly told to be quiet. This is where things went downhill for Stealve, as a quick frisk revealed not one but two Katanas and another two sub machine guns to boot. Stealve then claimed he was visiting his parents and that “the roads are unsafe in Salish Shide”. The border agent was not happy with Stealve telling him the roads in his country were unsafe and he promptly confiscated all of his weaponry and did a through check of his SIN and Visa’s. Amazingly these checked out and Stealve was allowed into the country.

Not one to count his blessings Stealve started rallying support from the other runners to break into the border crossing building and get back his weaponry. Most of the runners dismissed this idea as outright lunacy but Han and the new recruit Nitro were interested. The other runners drove further south down the I5 while Stealve, Han and Nitro all had a few lines of Cram to steel themselves for their misadventure.

Planning went on for sometime as the wired runners weighed up their options. In the end it was decided to try and open Salish Shide rangers armored van that was left with a logged in user account active. Han attempted sneaking past the guard but was immediately spotted, Han told the guard he was urinating outside after crossing the border. The guard moved him along and when asked about Han’s erratic behavior later by his superior all he could recall was that the pissing individual was rather “bland in the face”. This run-in was too much for Han who spent the rest of the “job” muttering to himself and starting and stopping his van, driving back and forth down the same stretch of the I5. Nitro gave sneaking past the guard to the car a go, his camo suit giving him an extra edge over Han, and managed to get to the door without any one noticing him.

Once he opened the armored ranger van and got inside, Nitro hotsimmed into his much touted nitroglycerine centipede drones and used its payload to explode one of the walls of the building. Not quite creating a hole in it, Stealve punched the weakened wall with his hardened cyber fists and broke through. Ducking into the room Stealve was thankful he left his helmet on as he found himself under the recording gaze of a security camera. Noticing the locked metal cabinet Stealve picked it open and finds his weapons. Also inside he found(and subsequently pocket) 2 silencers, 60 ADPS rounds, 10 charged of plastic explosives, some Novacoke and nitro, 5 tear gas grenades and a vehicle mounting vulcan canon. Through a feat of strength Stealve managed to strap verything to his body and trudge out the hole in the wall, nonchalantly tossing a tear gas grenade into the room just as a Salish Shide Ranger sprinted into the room. Making it to the armoured van with Nitro waiting, the two speed south down the highway back to Han.

Changing vans and Nitro hot simmed back into the armored ranger van and drove it back towards the border crossing building where it he crashes it into a boom gate, much to the annoyance of everyone who works there.

The runners were finally out of Seattle and in Salish Shide. Being the early hours of Monday morning they had five days to deliver the Naga to Silver in Portland.



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