Hog Heaven

Deep below the earth in the shamans tunnels the runners met with Black Smoke who offered them a job. The runners were to take the Naga to Silver, as originally arranged, but fully conscious and unharmed. The runners thought it was high time to make some allies rather than their norm of setting things on fire and pissing people off. So they agreed. Black Smoke told them they could use the shaman’s tunnels to get to Portland, aided by by their earth spirits to get their quicker but the runners would have to wait a day, as his master had much to say to the Naga before they left.

The runners thought it would be a good idea to find a place to stow their excess belongings and vehicles before heading further south underground and on foot. Driving back to town and the runners saw a large wooden crate float to ground with an even larger and rather military looking parachute attached. Not ones to let a massive box floating out of the sky and go unexplained the runners stopped their vehicles and made their way in to the forest where the crate had landed. Trigg nearly received a concussion when one of the wooden sides of the crate was kicked out, revealing am impressively heavily cybered man holding a machine gun. Before any words between the individual in the crate and runners could be exchanged a Salish Shide Ranger off-roader pulled up with sirens blaring, keen to see what was in the box.

Annoyed by the loud sirens the metal man in the box, since revealed to be Booswap, opened a wide burst of fire on the vehicle heavily damaging it and its occupants. Trigg, knowing that some of the runners with him were currently wanted by the Salish Shide rangers and that being in the presence of some one who openly fires at police doesn’t put you in good favor with said officers, decided to finish what Booswapstarted. Cocking an explosive arrow head and aiming for the damaged fuel tank Trigg fired. The bullet riddled metal didn’t provide much resistance for the arrow head, which pierced the car’s armor and exploded inside the tank of petrol. This caused an explosion large enough to kill all four rangers and turn the vehicle into a burning wreck before any of them had a chance to call for backup.

Booswap’s blood lust was fortunately sated before he turned on the runners and a tense conversation between him and the group followed. Trigg knew an old friend of Booswaps, by the name of Bing. The two bonded and the Booswap agreed to join the runners and the runners agreed to letting an insane killing machine follow them around.

The runners thought it was time for a drink as the wanton murder of police officers can be hard work They went to the musty buffalo to see Flo. Once at the bar Flo let the runners know he had been constantly hassled by The Ancients since they had murdered two of their kind in his car park. Flo feared they intended to drive him out of town. Flo decided he wasn’t leaving so he asked the runners to hit the Ancients castle rock club house, setting it on fire, so he had some time to get some old mercenary friends together before the Ancients hit at him. Flo offered the runners an old safe-house of his in return for them causing some havoc for the Ancients.

The runners happily agreed to the job. The runners were almost as excited about their new safe-house as they were about the opportunity to set another building on fire. The clubhouse was on the outskirts of Castle Rock, a walled compound on a large block with a barn for partying bikers. The runners waited till nightfall and drove out there.Tyler and Stealve snuck up to the barn on foot, while Trigg and Booswap moved towards the concrete walls of the compound. Trigg hacked in to the compounds security node and turned off all the cameras on the outside of the wall and Booswap scaled the wall noticing a Lynx security drone in the courtyard below.

Tyler and Stealve managed to move up to the barn without any of the partying bikers or their floozies noticing them, unfortunately a guard dog did which let out a yelp as it was put down by silenced weaponry. This yelp attracted one of the bikers, who wasn’t killed quick enough by the two stealthy runners and a loud booming shotgun blast ripped through the night. The elven bikers who didn’t hear the yelp of the dog certainly heard the shotgun and two went to investigate. They were made quick work of by Tyler and Stealve and the other drunk and reveling bikers soon forgot about the commotion.

At the wall Trigg had breached the inner compound security node and watched the feeds from the various cameras inside the building. He was surprised to see the runner’s old contact Podrick at a meeting with a few members of The Ancients at the clubhouse’s “boardroom”. Trigg shutdown the inner cameras and transferred the access codes of the Lynx security drone to Nitro, who was currently moving up towards the barn logged in to his Doberman drone readying to conduct a full frontal assault on the barn with Tyler and Stealve.

The runners attacked the partying bikers at the barn and shots of various calibers rung out through the night. The runners made short work of the unprepared bikers, but Stealve was heavily injured from the melee and quickly retreated to the van. In the compound the bikers inside the building started filing out the door to face whatever the hell was going on at the barn but were greeted by Booswap whose machine gun turned the entrance of the building into a mince meat museum. Jean set several bikers on fire and before long the barn was ablaze as well (with several biker sluts tied up inside). Support was provided by Han in his machine gun wielding van and the hi-jacked security drone.

Podrick was cornered in the boardroom and the runners stormed into the compound and quickly restrained him. He was aghast at the fact he was seeing the runners again and he revealed he had always worked with The Ancients, who were trying to make inroads into Seattle. Unfortunately for the Podrick, the heavy handed approach of the runners to the jobs Podrick gave them meant that the Triads chased him and his cronies out of town after they linked the runners to Podrick. Podrick had plans to take the runner’s naga cargo off them and ransom it to Silver to make up for his losses in Seattle. Podrick would not reveal any further information on Silver and Booswap knocked him concussions. The runners prepared the building to burn, which probably wasn’t necessary as they had already killed every single biker there, and then lit it on fire.

Flo was elated that the runners had more than taken care of his problem, but slightly concerned at the giddy excitement the runners showed for mass murder and property destruction. He handed them the keys to the safe house and was glad to see the back of them. The safe house was a rundown shack near the river, but with a converted bombshelter underneath it and an incredible fortified garage. The runners stored all of their excess equipment and vehicles and made their way back to the shaman tunnels on their newly acquired Harley Davidson Scorpions.

Much to the annoyance of the Shamans the runners awkwardly took their Scorpions down into their tunnels which filled them with noise and exhaust fumes. The runners also took the unconscious Podrick. The runners were taken even deeper into the ground and into a room where Tetlso, the naga, was kept. He was understandably cold to the runners. The runners attempted to offer Podrick as a peace offering to Tetlso, assuming the Naga would viciously attack Podrick. Tetlso was much more civilized than the runners assumed and he had no want to savage Podrick Instead Podrick was unceremoniously thrown off the side of a massive underground cliff inside a cavern where Black Smokes master dwells.

The runners conversed with Black Smoke about the journey through the tunnels ahead of them. He would provide them with earth spirits to make them travel quicker and Tetlso had been given directions by his master to guide them to underneath Portland. While this conversation occurred Nitro, whose actions had become increasingly bizarre underneath the ground, defecated in the corner of the room. Both the shamans and the runners were suitably disgusted and Black Smoke was at a lost for words. Booswap demanded that Nitro make amends for offending their new allies and when verbal push came to intimidating shove Nitro ended up on his hands and knees consuming his own excrement.

As the runners began south Black Smoke was also glad to see the back of them



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