Leaving Town

It's hard with loose ends

The runners procured the 30 canisters of Nanotech for Mr Gerbick, setting the Triad warehouse on fire as they left for good measure. Remembering that they should probably get rid of the RFID tracer tags before they take the canisters to Mr. Gerbick Han starts working the black market to find a tag eraser. Trigg used his hacking skills to scramble the signal in the mean time, but not before stopping at the The One Leaf Clover with a completely unscrambled and traceable signal.

Hoping to confuse whoever may be tracking the signal of the RFID’s on the nanotech, the runners start to bar hop while searching for someone selling a Tag eraser. It takes a day, and early the next morning Han tracked down a supplier in one of the crime malls in the Barrens. Just as the runners are about to drive out to the crime mall, they received a call from Podrick telling them his bar was under siege by the Triad Sze Kau and that he holds the runners responsible for this.

Arriving at the One Leaf Clover the runners found a dead body and a parked car. Trigg hacked the car and sent it a command to drive to the end of the street. Aumar Elshminster levitated the body on to the roof of the car to clear the scene. Aumar Elshminster cast improved invisibility on himself, then kicked in the doors into the bar. He immediately received a couple of bullets from the 2 Triad Sze Kau watching the door, he then unleashed a powerful stun ball. The stun ball knocked the four Sze Kau in the room unconscious and nearly knocking out Aumar himself.

Podrick and some of his lackeys were holed up behind a barred door in the bar. He told the runners that he didn’t know how or why the Triads ended up in his bar, but he holds the runners responsible and they are no longer welcome in his bar.

The runners left and headed to the crime mall in the Barrens, from there they picked up the tag eraser and got rid of the pesky RFID’s on the Nanotechnology they were carrying. With the tags erased the runners went back to Mr Gerbicks apartment and picked up their fake visas. Aumar Elshminster, who was not at the initial meet with Mr Gerbick asked for one too but was flatly declined.

Han received a call from a contact suggesting that if he was heading out of town to check out GCF (Guns, Camping, Fishing) which along with supplying fake gun licenses sold outdoor goods that may come in handy for the imminent road trip. Stealve also received a call that informed him “His debt would be repaid soon”.

Once stocked up on some outdoor survival gear and licenses for their weaponry the runners the runners were ambushed en route to their vehicles. Two camo-suit wearing Yakuza Kumi-In tazered Stealve, then grabbed him and put him in a van that hastily sped off. Aumar Elshminster attempted to use magic to stop the vehicle but managed only to twist the cars metal to look unsightly. Jean popped one of the vans back tires as it sped off.

The runners took two vans and two bikes, as is there normal fleet of landbased vehicles, and went after the kidnapped Stealve. Han, having had a few drinks to steel himself for shopping, incessantly suggested that perhaps it was best to just let Stealve be kidnapped and leave it at that. He argued this point all the way till the Yakuza were a few tyres short and slammed into a concrete barrier.

Both parties jumped out of there respective vehicles and engaged right there on the busy Seattle street. The unconscious Stealve was levitated to the runner’s Ice truck. When three of the four Kumi-In had been disposed off, Trigg jumped into the back of the Yakuza van as the last drove off. Trigg then king hitted the steering Kumi-in with a heavy cybered chrome fist causing him to lose consciousness and the van to crash.

The runners drove their fleet back to Trigg’s apartment and took some much needed down time to rest and heal. While medkits and healing magic were applied discussion got heated as the runners probed Stealve for the reason for his kidnapping. He revealed he had attempted a heist from a Yakuza run Casino and was sold out by another runner on the team. He initially worked out an agreement with the Yakuz,a that he would pay back his debt by working as an assassin for them. This agreement has since not gone sour and the earlier kidnap attempt is evidence that the Yakuza are after Stealve. Han was furious at Stealve for bringing this added heat to the team, along with the fact that he hates elves. Discussion raged long into the night untill finally it was decided Stealve could stay.

During the night another smuggling contact of Han’s called him and let him know about Wheel’s N’ Deals, a chopshop over in Tacoma. The contact suggested a smuggling compartment, if that’s what Han was looking of getting in to. Looking to get some work done before the final dash south of the Seattle border the runners head there.



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