Across the border

The runners had finally crossed the border in to Salish Shide Council lands from Seattle. Stealve, Han and Nitro had all broken into the border office mere moments after entering the country and relayed this information to the rest of the runners. Soon after this the runners heard sirens behind them as the drove south. Scrambling, some of the runners on motorbikes got off the road, while those who had done nothing to upset the local authorities drove confidently on, convinced they had no reason to be arrested. As it turns out the Salish Shide Council rangers simply questioned them about the break in and sent them on their way.

Heading south for a few hours and the runners arrived at a road block at the Wild’s End Roadhouse. Pulling over they found out that the road had been closed due to mana storms and flooding. Stealve was sent to hide behind the back of the building as it was apparent the authorities were currently hunting for him.

Not needing much of an excuse for a drink the runners entered the bar connected to Wild’s End Roadhouse. They received a rather frosty welcome from the Native American patrons of the bar. Largely ignored, only one elderly native American man with a long black beard had any interest in talking to the runners. He told them that a elven biker gang by the name “The Ancients” was currently on the look out for out-of-towners traveling with a precious and unusual cargo from Seattle to Portland. The old man also had an uncanny knowledge of the runners mission and let them know that The Ancients planned to take their cargo for themselves. The old man talked mostly to Aumar Elshminster and offered to take him into the nearby forest to rest at his camp while the storm past. Aumar Elshminster who had obviously never been taught about “stranger danger” in his youth happily obliged and went into the forest alone with a strange old man while the others continued to drink at the bar.

Moments later, away from the prying eyes of the patrons of the road house Aumar was knocked unconscious and contact to him was lost. The runners were at a lost as to where to go next, and heard word of another bar “The Musty Buffalo” that was in the nearby town of Castle Rock. Apparently The Musty Buffalo had a reputation for drawing in the hunters, ex mercenaries and other shadowy types that operated around Castle Rock. As they were leaving the road house the runners heard the unmistakable rumble of a Harley Davidson and witnessed three black leather wearing elves roll up into the carpark. The back of their jackets let the world know they were members of The Ancients. The runners and the bikers eyed each other off, and one of the bikers openly engaged in a friendly looking conversation with one of the Salish Shide Rangers at the road block.

After the bikers had left the Runners nervously high-tailed to The Musty Buffalo and asked the bartender, a grizzled looking Native American by the name of Flo, if he know anything about an old man that took other men into the forest and then knocked them unconscious. Flo did, in fact, know a little about said old men and told the runners he knew a bit about the various groups at play in Castle Rock but he needed some work done for him to tell the runners any more. Flo told the runners that his mother had been killed in her own home and that a number of nasty paranimals had since taken residence in her once abode. He wanted the runners to go their, kill the beasts and take a photo of themselves safely inside the house to prove they had done the job.

During the time at The Musty Buffalo, Stealve had been safely in Han’s Van, to avoid being spotted by any authorities. He was quite surprised to find the doors of the van crow bared open and two shot gun wielding Ancients at either side of the van. Dropping a signature flash pack Stealve braced for combat. The flash pack saved his life, as it was like shooting elves in a barrel for the two bikers as they pumped shot gun shells into the van and into Stealve. The flash pack caused the bikers to miss a number of crucial shots and let Stealve dispose of them. The runners came back from the bar to find a close to dying Stealve and two dead biker elves. Flo was pissed off at the scene of carnage at his bar’s carpark and told the runners to go the fuck away and take the dead bodies with them. The runners left, un-phased by the fact they had a annoyed the hell out of yet another person.

Going to the beast infested house and Tyler used his newly acquired zooming rifle scope to scan the windows of the house. Nitro sent a caterpiller drone to scout out the building two. He found in the house two basilisks and a dead body. One of the basilisks were quickly assassinated by Tyler’s incredibly high powered rifle and the other was turned into chunky salsa by a Vulcan canon wearing Doberman drone. Moving into the house and the runners sense something was a missed as a crazed and since invisible shaman flew at the runners. He to was killed and Jean took the foci from his neck, which was a human finger hung by leather cord. Taking the photo and sending it the forgving Flo, the runners learned that the house was not in fact Flo’s mother but just a test to ensure they were able to handle themselves.

Flo sent them the co-ordinates of a place that the “Followers of the Deep Way” often congregated. Apparently the shamanic group is one that the elderly gentleman that had taken Aumar is associated with. Flo also let the runners know that the kidnappers name was Black Smoke and he was a shaman of some power.

The runners went deep into the forest and found the place Flo had told them about. It was a collection of arranged boulders next to a derelict and seemingly abandoned house. Black Smoke and some other shamans were waiting for the runners here.

Black Smoke told the runners he had Aumar in his keeping below the earth and would be willing to trade him for the Naga in the runner’s possession. After some deliberation the runners decided to trust the shaman and let the Naga rouse from it’s Slab induced coma. Tetslo awoke in the smuggling compartment of Han’s van and was enraged when he awoke, biting one of the shamans then slithering up a tree. Black Smoke eventually calmed him and took him in to the derelict house.

The runners followed and found themselves below the ground as basement in the house had a door that opened up into a number of tunnels that served as a dwelling for the shamans. They were taken to a room where Aumar had been kept unconscious for the last day. Aumar was awakened and the runners were invited deeper into the tunnels, but were asked to leave all the weapons behind. The runners obliged and talked to Black Smoke in a large cavern where he told them his master had a mission for them.



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