Underground Action
How did you end up here Mack?

The runners made their way through the tunnels that ran from Castle Rock to underneath Portland. The tunnels ended with an abandoned underground structure. The runners were aghast to find the area filled with corpses and skeletons. The runners moved forward and were attacked by Harvesters (Undead elves). Armed with motorbike battery powered torches the runners killed the harvesters and made their way up to some disused underground train lines. The were beset upon by more harvesters which were made short work of. The runners then stumbled into a tunnel that featured a concrete bunker like wall the tip of a machine gun sticking out of it. The runners were hailed by some one behind the wall who told them he was guarding this choke point against the undead for his squatter settlement on some higher up abandoned tracks. The machine gun wielder let the runners know that the tunnels behind them were haunted by a Nosferatu and there was no way he was opening the door until he had proof the Nosferatu was dead. The runners went back through the tunnels and found the Charismatic Mack chained to a blood drench altar. What followed was a number of rather bloody melees between the runners and various undead until the manage to kill the Nosferatu.

Going back to the choke point the runners showed the decapitated Nosferatu head to the guard who praised them as heros and let them in. The runners were ushered up some newer tunnels and lead into an underground squatter settlement inhabited by metahumans trying to leave the facist rule of Tir Taingire.

Hog Heaven

Deep below the earth in the shamans tunnels the runners met with Black Smoke who offered them a job. The runners were to take the Naga to Silver, as originally arranged, but fully conscious and unharmed. The runners thought it was high time to make some allies rather than their norm of setting things on fire and pissing people off. So they agreed. Black Smoke told them they could use the shaman’s tunnels to get to Portland, aided by by their earth spirits to get their quicker but the runners would have to wait a day, as his master had much to say to the Naga before they left.

The runners thought it would be a good idea to find a place to stow their excess belongings and vehicles before heading further south underground and on foot. Driving back to town and the runners saw a large wooden crate float to ground with an even larger and rather military looking parachute attached. Not ones to let a massive box floating out of the sky and go unexplained the runners stopped their vehicles and made their way in to the forest where the crate had landed. Trigg nearly received a concussion when one of the wooden sides of the crate was kicked out, revealing am impressively heavily cybered man holding a machine gun. Before any words between the individual in the crate and runners could be exchanged a Salish Shide Ranger off-roader pulled up with sirens blaring, keen to see what was in the box.

Annoyed by the loud sirens the metal man in the box, since revealed to be Booswap, opened a wide burst of fire on the vehicle heavily damaging it and its occupants. Trigg, knowing that some of the runners with him were currently wanted by the Salish Shide rangers and that being in the presence of some one who openly fires at police doesn’t put you in good favor with said officers, decided to finish what Booswapstarted. Cocking an explosive arrow head and aiming for the damaged fuel tank Trigg fired. The bullet riddled metal didn’t provide much resistance for the arrow head, which pierced the car’s armor and exploded inside the tank of petrol. This caused an explosion large enough to kill all four rangers and turn the vehicle into a burning wreck before any of them had a chance to call for backup.

Booswap’s blood lust was fortunately sated before he turned on the runners and a tense conversation between him and the group followed. Trigg knew an old friend of Booswaps, by the name of Bing. The two bonded and the Booswap agreed to join the runners and the runners agreed to letting an insane killing machine follow them around.

The runners thought it was time for a drink as the wanton murder of police officers can be hard work They went to the musty buffalo to see Flo. Once at the bar Flo let the runners know he had been constantly hassled by The Ancients since they had murdered two of their kind in his car park. Flo feared they intended to drive him out of town. Flo decided he wasn’t leaving so he asked the runners to hit the Ancients castle rock club house, setting it on fire, so he had some time to get some old mercenary friends together before the Ancients hit at him. Flo offered the runners an old safe-house of his in return for them causing some havoc for the Ancients.

The runners happily agreed to the job. The runners were almost as excited about their new safe-house as they were about the opportunity to set another building on fire. The clubhouse was on the outskirts of Castle Rock, a walled compound on a large block with a barn for partying bikers. The runners waited till nightfall and drove out there.Tyler and Stealve snuck up to the barn on foot, while Trigg and Booswap moved towards the concrete walls of the compound. Trigg hacked in to the compounds security node and turned off all the cameras on the outside of the wall and Booswap scaled the wall noticing a Lynx security drone in the courtyard below.

Tyler and Stealve managed to move up to the barn without any of the partying bikers or their floozies noticing them, unfortunately a guard dog did which let out a yelp as it was put down by silenced weaponry. This yelp attracted one of the bikers, who wasn’t killed quick enough by the two stealthy runners and a loud booming shotgun blast ripped through the night. The elven bikers who didn’t hear the yelp of the dog certainly heard the shotgun and two went to investigate. They were made quick work of by Tyler and Stealve and the other drunk and reveling bikers soon forgot about the commotion.

At the wall Trigg had breached the inner compound security node and watched the feeds from the various cameras inside the building. He was surprised to see the runner’s old contact Podrick at a meeting with a few members of The Ancients at the clubhouse’s “boardroom”. Trigg shutdown the inner cameras and transferred the access codes of the Lynx security drone to Nitro, who was currently moving up towards the barn logged in to his Doberman drone readying to conduct a full frontal assault on the barn with Tyler and Stealve.

The runners attacked the partying bikers at the barn and shots of various calibers rung out through the night. The runners made short work of the unprepared bikers, but Stealve was heavily injured from the melee and quickly retreated to the van. In the compound the bikers inside the building started filing out the door to face whatever the hell was going on at the barn but were greeted by Booswap whose machine gun turned the entrance of the building into a mince meat museum. Jean set several bikers on fire and before long the barn was ablaze as well (with several biker sluts tied up inside). Support was provided by Han in his machine gun wielding van and the hi-jacked security drone.

Podrick was cornered in the boardroom and the runners stormed into the compound and quickly restrained him. He was aghast at the fact he was seeing the runners again and he revealed he had always worked with The Ancients, who were trying to make inroads into Seattle. Unfortunately for the Podrick, the heavy handed approach of the runners to the jobs Podrick gave them meant that the Triads chased him and his cronies out of town after they linked the runners to Podrick. Podrick had plans to take the runner’s naga cargo off them and ransom it to Silver to make up for his losses in Seattle. Podrick would not reveal any further information on Silver and Booswap knocked him concussions. The runners prepared the building to burn, which probably wasn’t necessary as they had already killed every single biker there, and then lit it on fire.

Flo was elated that the runners had more than taken care of his problem, but slightly concerned at the giddy excitement the runners showed for mass murder and property destruction. He handed them the keys to the safe house and was glad to see the back of them. The safe house was a rundown shack near the river, but with a converted bombshelter underneath it and an incredible fortified garage. The runners stored all of their excess equipment and vehicles and made their way back to the shaman tunnels on their newly acquired Harley Davidson Scorpions.

Much to the annoyance of the Shamans the runners awkwardly took their Scorpions down into their tunnels which filled them with noise and exhaust fumes. The runners also took the unconscious Podrick. The runners were taken even deeper into the ground and into a room where Tetlso, the naga, was kept. He was understandably cold to the runners. The runners attempted to offer Podrick as a peace offering to Tetlso, assuming the Naga would viciously attack Podrick. Tetlso was much more civilized than the runners assumed and he had no want to savage Podrick Instead Podrick was unceremoniously thrown off the side of a massive underground cliff inside a cavern where Black Smokes master dwells.

The runners conversed with Black Smoke about the journey through the tunnels ahead of them. He would provide them with earth spirits to make them travel quicker and Tetlso had been given directions by his master to guide them to underneath Portland. While this conversation occurred Nitro, whose actions had become increasingly bizarre underneath the ground, defecated in the corner of the room. Both the shamans and the runners were suitably disgusted and Black Smoke was at a lost for words. Booswap demanded that Nitro make amends for offending their new allies and when verbal push came to intimidating shove Nitro ended up on his hands and knees consuming his own excrement.

As the runners began south Black Smoke was also glad to see the back of them

Across the border

The runners had finally crossed the border in to Salish Shide Council lands from Seattle. Stealve, Han and Nitro had all broken into the border office mere moments after entering the country and relayed this information to the rest of the runners. Soon after this the runners heard sirens behind them as the drove south. Scrambling, some of the runners on motorbikes got off the road, while those who had done nothing to upset the local authorities drove confidently on, convinced they had no reason to be arrested. As it turns out the Salish Shide Council rangers simply questioned them about the break in and sent them on their way.

Heading south for a few hours and the runners arrived at a road block at the Wild’s End Roadhouse. Pulling over they found out that the road had been closed due to mana storms and flooding. Stealve was sent to hide behind the back of the building as it was apparent the authorities were currently hunting for him.

Not needing much of an excuse for a drink the runners entered the bar connected to Wild’s End Roadhouse. They received a rather frosty welcome from the Native American patrons of the bar. Largely ignored, only one elderly native American man with a long black beard had any interest in talking to the runners. He told them that a elven biker gang by the name “The Ancients” was currently on the look out for out-of-towners traveling with a precious and unusual cargo from Seattle to Portland. The old man also had an uncanny knowledge of the runners mission and let them know that The Ancients planned to take their cargo for themselves. The old man talked mostly to Aumar Elshminster and offered to take him into the nearby forest to rest at his camp while the storm past. Aumar Elshminster who had obviously never been taught about “stranger danger” in his youth happily obliged and went into the forest alone with a strange old man while the others continued to drink at the bar.

Moments later, away from the prying eyes of the patrons of the road house Aumar was knocked unconscious and contact to him was lost. The runners were at a lost as to where to go next, and heard word of another bar “The Musty Buffalo” that was in the nearby town of Castle Rock. Apparently The Musty Buffalo had a reputation for drawing in the hunters, ex mercenaries and other shadowy types that operated around Castle Rock. As they were leaving the road house the runners heard the unmistakable rumble of a Harley Davidson and witnessed three black leather wearing elves roll up into the carpark. The back of their jackets let the world know they were members of The Ancients. The runners and the bikers eyed each other off, and one of the bikers openly engaged in a friendly looking conversation with one of the Salish Shide Rangers at the road block.

After the bikers had left the Runners nervously high-tailed to The Musty Buffalo and asked the bartender, a grizzled looking Native American by the name of Flo, if he know anything about an old man that took other men into the forest and then knocked them unconscious. Flo did, in fact, know a little about said old men and told the runners he knew a bit about the various groups at play in Castle Rock but he needed some work done for him to tell the runners any more. Flo told the runners that his mother had been killed in her own home and that a number of nasty paranimals had since taken residence in her once abode. He wanted the runners to go their, kill the beasts and take a photo of themselves safely inside the house to prove they had done the job.

During the time at The Musty Buffalo, Stealve had been safely in Han’s Van, to avoid being spotted by any authorities. He was quite surprised to find the doors of the van crow bared open and two shot gun wielding Ancients at either side of the van. Dropping a signature flash pack Stealve braced for combat. The flash pack saved his life, as it was like shooting elves in a barrel for the two bikers as they pumped shot gun shells into the van and into Stealve. The flash pack caused the bikers to miss a number of crucial shots and let Stealve dispose of them. The runners came back from the bar to find a close to dying Stealve and two dead biker elves. Flo was pissed off at the scene of carnage at his bar’s carpark and told the runners to go the fuck away and take the dead bodies with them. The runners left, un-phased by the fact they had a annoyed the hell out of yet another person.

Going to the beast infested house and Tyler used his newly acquired zooming rifle scope to scan the windows of the house. Nitro sent a caterpiller drone to scout out the building two. He found in the house two basilisks and a dead body. One of the basilisks were quickly assassinated by Tyler’s incredibly high powered rifle and the other was turned into chunky salsa by a Vulcan canon wearing Doberman drone. Moving into the house and the runners sense something was a missed as a crazed and since invisible shaman flew at the runners. He to was killed and Jean took the foci from his neck, which was a human finger hung by leather cord. Taking the photo and sending it the forgving Flo, the runners learned that the house was not in fact Flo’s mother but just a test to ensure they were able to handle themselves.

Flo sent them the co-ordinates of a place that the “Followers of the Deep Way” often congregated. Apparently the shamanic group is one that the elderly gentleman that had taken Aumar is associated with. Flo also let the runners know that the kidnappers name was Black Smoke and he was a shaman of some power.

The runners went deep into the forest and found the place Flo had told them about. It was a collection of arranged boulders next to a derelict and seemingly abandoned house. Black Smoke and some other shamans were waiting for the runners here.

Black Smoke told the runners he had Aumar in his keeping below the earth and would be willing to trade him for the Naga in the runner’s possession. After some deliberation the runners decided to trust the shaman and let the Naga rouse from it’s Slab induced coma. Tetslo awoke in the smuggling compartment of Han’s van and was enraged when he awoke, biting one of the shamans then slithering up a tree. Black Smoke eventually calmed him and took him in to the derelict house.

The runners followed and found themselves below the ground as basement in the house had a door that opened up into a number of tunnels that served as a dwelling for the shamans. They were taken to a room where Aumar had been kept unconscious for the last day. Aumar was awakened and the runners were invited deeper into the tunnels, but were asked to leave all the weapons behind. The runners obliged and talked to Black Smoke in a large cavern where he told them his master had a mission for them.

On the road again
It's got to be the wheelyshot!

The runner’s went to Wheels n’ Deals where they met the two Nitro’s. One is a dwarf who owns the chop shop, the other is a native american who works for him. The dwarf owner was in a hurry to leave, and left the runners with the other Nitro to work through the modifications on their Van’s.

The runners spent the night in the workshop of Wheels’n’Deals with Han and Nitro working on adding a biofiber smuggling compartment to their ice-truck and concealed weapon mount to Han’s van. At the stroke of midnight, before the modifications were completed, power to the entire block went out. Nitro let the runners know there was a back up generator out the back. Trigg creeped out the back door, camo suit on, and spotted three Triad Sze Kua’s. Comm-linking this information back to the team, they readied themselves for a skirmish.

Nitro had access to two Doberman drones with Vulcan cannons which were used to turn some of the Sze Kua’s into a red pulp. The other runner’s made short work of the lowly Sze Kua and and Trigg, after an initial electric shock, managed to fire up the back up generator.

The owner of Wheels n’ Deals seemed to be in a real hurry to leave after the runners got started on their mods. Logging on to his comm-link left behind in his rush reveals a message log between an unknown user detailing the runner’s arrival to the chop shop.

With the modifications complete the runners could not think of a better time to leave Seattle. Before leaving the runners offloaded their massive amount of Shade to a drug runner contact of Han’s for a dirt cheap price. Setting their fleet of landcrafts onto the I5 (2 Vans and 3 motorbikes), they made for the border of Salish Shide Council lands south of Seattle. The Triads were not happy to let the runners just leave Seattle scott-free and 8 Sze Kua on motorobikes pursued the runners on the highway. Stealve attempted the daring “Wheelyshot” move in which, after popping a wheely a grenade would be launched into the air from the concealed grenade launcher on his bike. Fate was not to smile on the Stealve that day as the advanced “wheelyshot” technique was outside of his ability and the attempted maneuver almost caused him to fall off his bike. Stealve vowed to continue training for this move, or alternatively turn his grenade launcher to face the opposite direction which would have pretty much the same effect.

With the “wheelyshot” foiled, Aumar Elshminster levitated the drivers of the pursuing bikes, causing the passenger and the bikes themselves to veer out of control off the road. The once were motorcyclists were flung into the air then came plummeting back into the pavement with a gristly thud. Finally the runners were free to attempt to cross the border.

The week of planning paid off for most of the runners, concealing their gear and having stories for why they were crossing the border in an ice truck of all things. The Naga missed being detected and the fake visa’s supplied by Mr. Gerbick worked a treat. Things were going smoothly until Stealve continue to pester one of the Salish Shide border agents after being repeatedly told to be quiet. This is where things went downhill for Stealve, as a quick frisk revealed not one but two Katanas and another two sub machine guns to boot. Stealve then claimed he was visiting his parents and that “the roads are unsafe in Salish Shide”. The border agent was not happy with Stealve telling him the roads in his country were unsafe and he promptly confiscated all of his weaponry and did a through check of his SIN and Visa’s. Amazingly these checked out and Stealve was allowed into the country.

Not one to count his blessings Stealve started rallying support from the other runners to break into the border crossing building and get back his weaponry. Most of the runners dismissed this idea as outright lunacy but Han and the new recruit Nitro were interested. The other runners drove further south down the I5 while Stealve, Han and Nitro all had a few lines of Cram to steel themselves for their misadventure.

Planning went on for sometime as the wired runners weighed up their options. In the end it was decided to try and open Salish Shide rangers armored van that was left with a logged in user account active. Han attempted sneaking past the guard but was immediately spotted, Han told the guard he was urinating outside after crossing the border. The guard moved him along and when asked about Han’s erratic behavior later by his superior all he could recall was that the pissing individual was rather “bland in the face”. This run-in was too much for Han who spent the rest of the “job” muttering to himself and starting and stopping his van, driving back and forth down the same stretch of the I5. Nitro gave sneaking past the guard to the car a go, his camo suit giving him an extra edge over Han, and managed to get to the door without any one noticing him.

Once he opened the armored ranger van and got inside, Nitro hotsimmed into his much touted nitroglycerine centipede drones and used its payload to explode one of the walls of the building. Not quite creating a hole in it, Stealve punched the weakened wall with his hardened cyber fists and broke through. Ducking into the room Stealve was thankful he left his helmet on as he found himself under the recording gaze of a security camera. Noticing the locked metal cabinet Stealve picked it open and finds his weapons. Also inside he found(and subsequently pocket) 2 silencers, 60 ADPS rounds, 10 charged of plastic explosives, some Novacoke and nitro, 5 tear gas grenades and a vehicle mounting vulcan canon. Through a feat of strength Stealve managed to strap verything to his body and trudge out the hole in the wall, nonchalantly tossing a tear gas grenade into the room just as a Salish Shide Ranger sprinted into the room. Making it to the armoured van with Nitro waiting, the two speed south down the highway back to Han.

Changing vans and Nitro hot simmed back into the armored ranger van and drove it back towards the border crossing building where it he crashes it into a boom gate, much to the annoyance of everyone who works there.

The runners were finally out of Seattle and in Salish Shide. Being the early hours of Monday morning they had five days to deliver the Naga to Silver in Portland.

Leaving Town
It's hard with loose ends

The runners procured the 30 canisters of Nanotech for Mr Gerbick, setting the Triad warehouse on fire as they left for good measure. Remembering that they should probably get rid of the RFID tracer tags before they take the canisters to Mr. Gerbick Han starts working the black market to find a tag eraser. Trigg used his hacking skills to scramble the signal in the mean time, but not before stopping at the The One Leaf Clover with a completely unscrambled and traceable signal.

Hoping to confuse whoever may be tracking the signal of the RFID’s on the nanotech, the runners start to bar hop while searching for someone selling a Tag eraser. It takes a day, and early the next morning Han tracked down a supplier in one of the crime malls in the Barrens. Just as the runners are about to drive out to the crime mall, they received a call from Podrick telling them his bar was under siege by the Triad Sze Kau and that he holds the runners responsible for this.

Arriving at the One Leaf Clover the runners found a dead body and a parked car. Trigg hacked the car and sent it a command to drive to the end of the street. Aumar Elshminster levitated the body on to the roof of the car to clear the scene. Aumar Elshminster cast improved invisibility on himself, then kicked in the doors into the bar. He immediately received a couple of bullets from the 2 Triad Sze Kau watching the door, he then unleashed a powerful stun ball. The stun ball knocked the four Sze Kau in the room unconscious and nearly knocking out Aumar himself.

Podrick and some of his lackeys were holed up behind a barred door in the bar. He told the runners that he didn’t know how or why the Triads ended up in his bar, but he holds the runners responsible and they are no longer welcome in his bar.

The runners left and headed to the crime mall in the Barrens, from there they picked up the tag eraser and got rid of the pesky RFID’s on the Nanotechnology they were carrying. With the tags erased the runners went back to Mr Gerbicks apartment and picked up their fake visas. Aumar Elshminster, who was not at the initial meet with Mr Gerbick asked for one too but was flatly declined.

Han received a call from a contact suggesting that if he was heading out of town to check out GCF (Guns, Camping, Fishing) which along with supplying fake gun licenses sold outdoor goods that may come in handy for the imminent road trip. Stealve also received a call that informed him “His debt would be repaid soon”.

Once stocked up on some outdoor survival gear and licenses for their weaponry the runners the runners were ambushed en route to their vehicles. Two camo-suit wearing Yakuza Kumi-In tazered Stealve, then grabbed him and put him in a van that hastily sped off. Aumar Elshminster attempted to use magic to stop the vehicle but managed only to twist the cars metal to look unsightly. Jean popped one of the vans back tires as it sped off.

The runners took two vans and two bikes, as is there normal fleet of landbased vehicles, and went after the kidnapped Stealve. Han, having had a few drinks to steel himself for shopping, incessantly suggested that perhaps it was best to just let Stealve be kidnapped and leave it at that. He argued this point all the way till the Yakuza were a few tyres short and slammed into a concrete barrier.

Both parties jumped out of there respective vehicles and engaged right there on the busy Seattle street. The unconscious Stealve was levitated to the runner’s Ice truck. When three of the four Kumi-In had been disposed off, Trigg jumped into the back of the Yakuza van as the last drove off. Trigg then king hitted the steering Kumi-in with a heavy cybered chrome fist causing him to lose consciousness and the van to crash.

The runners drove their fleet back to Trigg’s apartment and took some much needed down time to rest and heal. While medkits and healing magic were applied discussion got heated as the runners probed Stealve for the reason for his kidnapping. He revealed he had attempted a heist from a Yakuza run Casino and was sold out by another runner on the team. He initially worked out an agreement with the Yakuz,a that he would pay back his debt by working as an assassin for them. This agreement has since not gone sour and the earlier kidnap attempt is evidence that the Yakuza are after Stealve. Han was furious at Stealve for bringing this added heat to the team, along with the fact that he hates elves. Discussion raged long into the night untill finally it was decided Stealve could stay.

During the night another smuggling contact of Han’s called him and let him know about Wheel’s N’ Deals, a chopshop over in Tacoma. The contact suggested a smuggling compartment, if that’s what Han was looking of getting in to. Looking to get some work done before the final dash south of the Seattle border the runners head there.

To Ship a Naga
Slabbed and Frozen

With a warehouse of magical weed burning behind them, the runners discussed methods of transporting a 10 meter long snake as they drove home to get some rest. Luckily Trigg had a batch of Slab to keep Tetslo unconscious enough to not complicate the runners situation. What did complicate the situation was that Podrick didn’t want to see the runners till Thursday, which was a whole day away. It was decided that an Ice Truck and more Slab was needed.

Doing a data search through the Matrix and Trigg pulls up the address of “Salmon A’Plenty” fish traders in Tacoma (a subsidiary of Aztechnology). Cameras and ankles were blown out and the runners are now one Ice Truck richer. Keeping the Naga at a temperature close to freezing doubled the effectiveness of the 25 doses of slab the runners managed to pick up from the streets.

The runners called in to the One Leaf Clover Thursday morning and Podrick congratulated them on a job well done, providing them the agreed payment on Certified Credsticks. He let them know his friend “down south” was wanting to talk to them regarding the Crush’s “Secret Weapon”. A matrix meeting was setup with the runners speaking to Silver, an elf located in Tir Tairngire.

Silver wants the Naga delivered to him in Portland, Tir Tairngire, by two weeks time. He offered the runners a rate of 10,000 nuyen each on delivery of the Naga. He became visibly offended when the runners tried to connive a better deal out of him. He told them to contact Podrick when they make it to Portland and promptly logged off the meeting.

Podrick O’shea gave the runners a brief geography lesson, telling them to head south down Interstate 5 to get to Portland, Tir Tairngire. This will require the runners to also head through Salish Shidhe council lands. Podrick laughs and tells the runners they will be needing Visa’s for both countries, and is it so happens he has a contact who can get hold of such things. Podrick lets them know he has some work that needs doing and if done would be more than happy to hook the runners up with said contact.

Not knowing any one else who could get them fake Visa’s, the runners agreed to help Podrick out. A Chinese operated compound, market place come restaurant come bar come illegal gambling den has recently refused to stop paying protection money to Podrick. The runners were tasked with working out why this is, and amending the situation to Podrick’s favor.

The markets were a few blocks away from the One Leaf Clover. Upon entry to the market Stealve inexplicably grapplehooked onto the roof of the market’s storage building. The rest of the runners wandered the busy Chinese markets. They managed to notice a number of Triad member’s “guarding” certain points around the market. At the open air bar at the back of the market an astrally projecting Jean noticed some strange emotions emitting from an individual conversing angrily with two Triad members. When interviewed the individual told the runners he was one of the three owners of the compound, the other two deciding to opt for Triad protection against his will. He told the runner’s that the other two owners were in the gambling den below the gun/electronics shop in the marketplace.

At this point the runners decided the best course of action would be to split up, and stand over each one of the Triad guards and simultaneously blow their brains out. In full view of the public. Luckily Podrick had let them know that Knight Errant would not be patrolling the market’s block that evening. Again, inexplicably, Stealve had already killed one of the Triads without consulting the rest of the group. Before the runner’s unleashed hell and fury on the unsuspecting Triad’s, Stealve comm-linked that he was readying his Katana’s to jump off the 8 meter roof he was on to provide an aeriel strike.

With the guidance of the other runners Stealve was convinced this was not the best course of action and he would simply provide fire support from the roof. And then, all hell broke loose as the runners simultaneously unloaded their collective clips.

After slaughtering the relatively innocent Triad Sze Kau(Triad for street fodder) and decorating the market place with their insides the runners converged to the electronics/gun shops store room.Tim’s character, whose name currently eludes me had just executed yet another innocent triad Sze Kau, and found a rather suspicious set of stairs in said store room. Trigg noticing a commlink in the cold dead fingers of the triad Sze Kau behind the counter logs on to it. This leads to the discovery of a camera feed showing the downstairs room filled with four incredibly nervous looking chinese men sitting around a gambling table watched over by two incredible alert looking Sze Kau.

Stealve threw a flash pack down the stairs that led to the gambling room. Seemingly against all laws of physics the flash pack got caught in the stair-well rather than bouncing into the underground room. Not content with creating the worlds smallest stair filled disco, nor with consulting his team mates on the best course of action, Stealve switches on flash compensation, promptly activates a second flash pack in his hand and runs down the stairs.

Stealve managed to slice open one of the Triad Sze Kau’s throat and get a couple of shots off at the other one before being pumped full of a couple of rounds of lead himself. With the pain of bullets opening his flesh, reason returned to Stealve and he high-tailed it back up the stairs. The runners decided to wait until the flash-packs had run their course, then went downstairs and took care of the last Sze Kau as a team.

The runners then had a stern word with the owners of the market place and let them know they should probably start paying Podrick again to avoid further massacres. The owners took their advice on board and the runners drove back to The One Leaf Clover. Once there Podrick thanked them heartily and gave them the contact details of one Mr Gerbick.

Mr Gerbick told the runners to come see him at his address in the Barrens. The runners drove out there and found an abandoned apartment complex, mounds of trash piling up its walls. Some of the more perceptive runners noticed tell tale signs of live combat drones poking out of the thrash mounds. Inside the building the runners were set upon by two Barghests. Once the Barghests were disposed of the runners found a metallic sliding panel underneath a bathtub with a keypad next to it. Mr Gerbick sent through the codes for this keypad and the runners descended into his “bunker”.

Mr Gerbick turned out to be a reclusive and heavily cybered dwarf hacker. His bunker was filled with commlinks, drones and various other electronic devices all in varying states of repair. Letting the runners know he had the ability to create them all legitimate visa’s Mr Gerbick, unsurprisingly, needed a job done by the runners before he would do so. Some 30 canisters of stolen nanotechnology currently resided in a Triad warehouse and Mr Gerbick would like to make them his own. He warned the runners that they would undoubtedly be RFID tagged and bringing the canisters to him without erasing the tags before hand would have negative consequences.

Armed with the address of the Triad warehouse in downtown Seattle the runners set out to once again piss off the Triads. Arriving at the nondescript warehouse Trigg searched for hidden wireless nodes that might be controlling security. Wielding no results, Jean cracked open the maglocked door. Entering the office of the warehouse the runners quietly moved to open a second door, which is cracked by Jean. Trigg had cocked a hammer head arrow into his bow while sneaking into the front room and finding a surprised Sze Kau operating a comm-link he unleashed it. Time seemed to slow down as the heavy hitting arrow moved through space towards the Sze Kau’s chest. A slight intake of air could be heard as the Sze Kau become aware of his doom, his eyes crossed over his nose as he watched the arrow hurtle towards him. As the arrow hits the Sze Kau dropped his commlink, staggers, then quickly regains composure as he realised the arrow has done absolutely no damage. The runners didn’t give the Sze Kau a chance to celebrate before they put several silenced bullets into him.

The now deceased Sze Kau’s commlink had access to the camera feeds and records of what was housed in the warehouse. The runners also found out that the offices had wifi traffic inhibiting walls. Quietly taking out the remaining Sze Kau in the warehouse, the runners grabbed the canisters of nanotech and set a crate on fire before leaving.

Shades of Crimson
Gone in a puff

Contacted through mutual contacts, the runners were given a job by Podrick O’shea owner of the One Leaf Clover.

The runners infiltrated a Shade den operated by The Crimson Crush in the Ork Underground. They tracked the shipments of shade to a docking facility in Tacoma and proceeded to set it on fire. Teslo the Naga was stunned and restrained during the proceedings. He is thought to be the “secret weapon” that an associate of Podrick’s is interested in.

The runners caused something of a disturbance in the Goblin Bazaar section of the Ork Underground when Aumar Elishminster mind-controlled a member of The Troggs to attack a member of The Crimson Crush. This has lead to a number of open clashes between the two gangs, turning the Ork Underground into semi-warzone. The Crimson Crush seem to be losing as they are much less established in the area.

The runners currently have a van packed full of mystical red weed and 10 meters of giant magical snake. Along with a healthier bank balance after Podrick paid them for a job well done.


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